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For the past 20 years, vegasdesi has been the pulse of the Las Vegas South Asian community. Vegasdesi is committed to delivering the real news based on facts & happenings.  This online publication follows the tenets of innovative open-source journalism based on public data. Vegasdesi firmly believes in keeping the independent and unbiased flow of information impacting the community.

With a growing readership, there are plenty of issues, whether social or political, that impact our community. I am pleased to have published many news stories – community members’ achievements, celebrations, civil & criminal lawsuits, along with exposing con artists, fraudulent behavior, bankruptcies, political news, community events information, and more for the growing local Indian and other South Asian communities. At the same time, I have been threatened with lawsuits and verbal abuse, along with compliments and unwavering support from many members of the community for serving the community and providing unbiased news.

If you believe in the work has been doing in providing accurate, fair, and conflict-free news, vegasdesi sincerely asks you to consider contributing to continue this worthwhile effort. Vegasdesi exists only for one reason – to serve the public interest of the local South Asian community. Currently, the community has no other source or a newsroom in Southern Nevada which provides weekly information on happenings within the South Asian community.

Funding from vegasdesi readers like you will continue the integrity, quality, truthfulness, openness, and effectiveness of news and events information provided to the community with complete editorial independence. Vegasdesi firmly believes in keeping the information flow independent and unbiased, which impacts our growing community.  

Please click here to contribute. Every contribution will help the readers with the local happenings in the growing and prosperous Indian sub-continent community.  All donations, irrespective of amount, are welcome, and donors’ names will be kept confidential.

Thanks to all the readers, supporters, well-wishers, critics, and distractors who believe the content provided by I sincerely appreciate your support.

Swadeep Nigam, Editor –

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