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Now Open – Gurdwara Gur Nanak Prakash

Las Vegas Sikh community is gratified to announce the opening of a Gurdwara Gur Nanak Prakash.  The newly built Sikh community Gurdwara is the result of one anonymous family dedication and commitment to the community for a capacious place of worship.  Family profound gesture, by using their personal resources, took over five years, as they had to walk through the bureaucratic maze of complex regulations beginning with land acquisition, local zoning to final construction.  The land was acquired in 2014 with all the permits in place by August 2017, the construction started on August 15th, 2019. On December 28th, 2020, all the love and commitment came to fruition when the family joyfully dedicated the Gurdwara to the community.

The family has formed a non-profit foundation to promote the spiritual needs of the community by following the basic tenets of Sikhism.  The newly opened Gurdwara is built on approximately five acres of land, consisting of a central prayer hall with a capacity for over 400 attendees along with a small kitchen and a storage space.  

Giving back to the growing community is one reason the family decided to build an expansive place of worship.  The Gurdwara will create a bond among the growing Sikh community and will boost community engagement among local members of the Sikh community.  “It was truly an incredible rewarding spiritual adventure from the conceptual stage with many movable developmental pieces to the completed picturesque place of worship,” said the family spokesperson.   He continued, “The newly build Gurdwara will strive to address the spiritual need of the growing community by holding regular religious services to build a stronger community,”.  

The future expansion plans include a larger professional kitchen and a langar (dining) hall.  The multi-million dollar project is bestowed by the local successful business family who have called Las Vegas their home for the past thirty-five plus years.  Milestone Construction company owner Raj Dhaliwal donated his professional services and completed the project on time within the approved budget.  

Gurdwara is open daily from 4:30 AM to 7 PM.  Daily prayers are conducted by Gyani Sukhman Singh, beginning with Prakash at 4:30 AM.  The congregation meets on Saturdays from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM, and Sundays from 4:30 AM to 1:00 PM.  

The community members, irrespective of religion, are welcomed to visit the newly opened Gurdwara for their spiritual requirements.  Gurdwara is run by the volunteer members of the community and is centrally located around the resort corridor at 7640 Heaven Street, behind the Las Vegas Premium Outlet.  Phone – 702-909-8013

2 Comments to Now Open – Gurdwara Gur Nanak Prakash

  1. peter says:

    Vahe Guru .Entire Indian community is sending best wishes for the newly built Gurudwara. In Our Sanatan Dharma philosophy — Donation -either you cash here by putting your name plate –OR CASH IT TO GOD. YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO ENCASH ABOVE -TO GOD.

    Other thing is – when you build Temple/Gurudwara — DEVAS protect it . I am sure the gurudwara will change people from “taker to giver ” ” “lead to darkness to light” ” lead them to untruthfulness to truthfulness”

  2. Yayavar says:

    “Bole So Nihal – Sat Sri Akal.” Congratulations to the family who donated their time and money to get this Gurdwara donated to the community as a whole. You are truly an inspiration to the generations which will come to the Gurdwara through its door. I would also like to congratulate Dhaliwalji for donating his services to complete the project on time and all the volunteers who were instrumental in completing the Gurdwara.

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