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Dhaval Shah, M.D. – Medical License Status Changed to Inactive; Patient Died; Malpractice Lawsuit Filed

In a lawsuit filed recently by the Estate of Kalie Nicole Drew against Dr. Dhaval Shah and his business, Clinical Infectious Disease Specialist (CIDS), it is alleged that Dr. Shah along with other defendants failed to implement and provide appropriate care. Blood test results provided by Quest Diagnostics showed Ms. Drew had critical laboratory levels which required immediate attention. It is alleged that the care providers, including Dr. Shah, failed to respond to patient Ms. Drew’s critical lab results and as a result, Ms. Drew died.  

It is alleged that during the one week period from February 5th-12th, 2019, none of the care providers or physicians, including Dr. Shah, intervene to address Ms. Drew’s critical laboratory values. On or about February 13, 2019, Ms. Drew awoke with chest pains and contacted 911. During transport to the hospital, she suffered cardiopulmonary arrest with hypotension. It is alleged that due to the care providers failing to respond to her critical labs, Ms. Drew died. However, after the death, Dr. Shah’s Physician Assistant Stephanie Shibata attempted to contact, on and around February 14th, Ms. Drew to discuss her lab values.

Dhaval Jaswantbhai Shah, M.D.

It is alleged that Dr. Shah breached his duty when Ms. Drew’s laboratory results were not adequately reviewed or acted upon and he omitted to act within the standard of care. Additionally, it is alleged that Dr. Shah is vicariously liable for damages resulting from his employees’ and/or agents’ negligent actions and omissions related to the medical care of Ms. Drew. Dr. Shah’s conduct in failing to supervise and/or correct negligence of his employee/agent, Ms. Shibata, demonstrated disregard for the safety of their patients. 

The lawyer for Ms. Drew estate hired the services of a former Yale University’s Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine to review the medical records Ms. Kalie Drew. The physician report clearly indicates Clinical Infectious Disease, its staff, including but not limited to Dr. Dhaval Shah and Stephanie Shibata, PA-C, fell below the standard of care related to their response to the critical values from the lab results.

Previously, this publication reported Dr. Shah’s ongoing investigation in another patient’s death by the Nevada Board of Medical Examiners. Recently, Dr. Shah has petitioned the Medical Board to consolidate his investigative case Nevada Board of Medical Examiner vs. Dhaval Jaswantbhai Shah, M.D. with his former contract employee case Nevada Board of Medical Examiner vs. Asher Shahzad, M.D.  In addition, vegasdesi also reported the investigation by the Department of Labor for unpaid overtime salary by Dr. Shah to his employees.  

Currently, Dr. Shah’s medical license is on Inactive status. As per the regulations, the inactive license placement is at the will of the licensee. As per the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS 630.255) any licensee who changes the location of his or her practice of medicine from this State to another state or country, has never engaged in the practice of medicine in this State after licensure or has ceased to engage in the practice of medicine in this State for 12 consecutive months may be placed on inactive status by order of the Board.

Vegasdesi has learned Dr. Dhaval Shah has resigned from his position as Chairman of the Nevada Association of Physicians of Indian Origin. Additionally, Dr. Shah is embroiled in multiple non-medical related lawsuits in the District Court.

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16 Comments to Dhaval Shah, M.D. – Medical License Status Changed to Inactive; Patient Died; Malpractice Lawsuit Filed

  1. Fed Up MD says:

    Federal False Billing remains unexplored. Will wait until this becomes public record as well. Karma comes in equal measure to greed and pride. NAPI (as usual) was just an excuse to cover bad actions.

  2. Peter says:

    His behavior and actions reminded as Dr D
    Greed, Arrogance, exploitation, paying govt officials and political donations . Oh he even established a marijuana laboratory with No knowledge of laboratory resulted in closure by the state ! The employees working for him were exploited the highest. Sociopath to say the least .

    • Frenchie says:

      This is coming from a former
      Customer of Dr Shahs for 5 years . Unethical billing practices and constant requests for copays !! When we asked to meet with office manager of accounting we were accused of trying not to pay the bill andthey could not explain their own billing practices to me and my husband witness .Medicare is not able to investigate unless one can show right from fiirst payment the trail of copays snd docters billing methods as I reported them as comingling patients copays and medicare payments . they were double billing me and
      Succeeded!! Outrageous there is no help for patients in this country only the Docters have the powers and rigjts to do as they please to noones knowledge until something outragesly bad happens !! Look at your billing Caveat Emptor!!!

    • nio says:

      Board hearing is next week. Those interested may want to intervene.

  3. the federal investigator says:

    Criminal Actions. Greed. Money under the table from Drug companies to continue antibiotics for prolonged periods of time. Illegal billing. Destroying patient’s kidneys. Total disregard for patient life. Money first and treat later. Medicare fraud will be comming up soon.

  4. Valerie Pacheco says:

    It’s about time his scandalous ways came to light. It’s unfortunate that someone had to pay with their life for this greedy monster to be stopped. He his the definition of greed and yes he is a sociopath. Working for him was an absolute nightmare. It brings me great joy and relief to see that he cannot practice medicine for now and for the sake of anyone else and their loved ones, I hope that he never can again.

    • Peter says:

      If you disclose the false billing, false coding, over billing, the over drug, over or unnecessary treatment, anti stark law violations, curruption and greed at every level with FBI investigations would force Dr Shah to pay $10,000 per violation and you will be rewarded 30% by Office of Inspector General. You will get the money like a dollar for every penny you were deprived. Go for it .

      • Valerie P. says:

        Hi Peter, I already reported him back in 2018 to all the appropriate entities. Thank you for sharing that information with me. These investigations take a long time as you may know. If I receive something, great….if not….I still did the right thing my reporting him.

      • Hope says:

        I was a Lyme patient there! He ruined my life!

        • Michelle Baray says:

          I also was treated there, landed in the er i was given too much antibiotic. It was not diluted correctly. They never checked up on me afterwards now i know why….

  5. Char says:

    Father of Kalie Nicole Drew was not notified of his daughter’s death nor the pending lawsuit. He is still attempting to locate the attorney that his daughter’s mother is using to sue this doctor. He is distraught at the lack of information and learning about his daughter’s death on the internet!!! Anyone with information on the attorneys in this matter please post so that her father can get information.

  6. Jess says:

    I am.glad he is getting what he deserved. Karma works in mysterious ways. As a former employee it was not fun working there.its sad that someone had to lose their life just to shine light to his maliciousness.I hope he doesnt get to practice again.

  7. Michelle Baray says:

    i was a lyme patient and was being treated by his PA with too much antibiotic that was not diluted correctly and landed in the hospital. Thought i was going to die..they never called me back now i know why…..


    I was given IV antibiotics. Labs showed critical liver levels and I was never told. I always review all labs so I found out and stopped going. Unsterile technique also used by his nurses while accessing my port. They need to permanently take away his license.

  9. Carla Shank says:

    Just recently found out about the clinic closing. My first hard to heal foot ulcer was healed from Jan to March! Great nurses, fantastic phlebotomist!expensive antibiotics! We had wifi fi for patients! Water bottles for patients!
    Then I developed another foot ulcer ! This time picc line again….hyperbaric chambers again!
    But no wi fi , no water, and level of care was noticeably substandard. Everyone was on Vancomycin! I went from Jan to July and was not cured! I then quit, and fortunately was cured by home health care. The hyperbaric tech was fantastic
    I am sorry, what could have a been a beacon of health and restoration!…..came to this tragic end!

  10. Liliana Guzman says:

    I was a victim as well. Now I know why my health would not improve after so many iv antibiotics, week after week I attended his office with my health worsening and no answers at all!! Unbelievable!

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