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Fayyaz Raja Candidate for County Commission Signs Vandalized

Fayyaz Raja, a candidate for the Clark County Commission, woke up on the weekend to the news of his political 4×8 signs were vandalized by unknown miscreants.  As per Raja, around 10 signs were totally destroyed with large cut-outs in the center of the displayed signs which were strategically placed around the boundaries of the Commission District C.  The defaced and damaged vandalized signs will cost over $750 to replace. 

Raja has filed a report with the Las Vegas Metro to no avail.  As of today, there is no information on who did it.  As per Raja, if the miscreants are caught, the penalty would be severe as the Nevada laws described such destruction to the political signs as malicious mischief and fine may go up to $5,000.  “I have no suspects and can’t accuse anyone in particular.  I do have a good political relationship with my opponents and I am on good terms with them,” said Raja.  Raja continued, “I am running on positive energy and will continue campaigning door-to-door to serve the community.”

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