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Las Vegas South Asian-American Community Donates Over $354,000 to Nevada Governor Campaign

In a tight race between the incumbent Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak and Sheriff Joe Lombardo, the local South Asians, primarily Indian-Americans, have donated over $354,000 to their respective campaigns.

As of October 25th, the polls conducted by fifethirtyeight reflect a toss-up between the two candidates. Although the incumbent Governor raised 47% more than the opponent Sheriff Lombardo, the poll shows Sisolak behind 0.08 points. During the current election cycle, the Sisolak campaign raised over $230,000, while Lombardo got over $122,000 in campaign donations from the burgeoning South Asian, mostly Indian American community.  

Further analysis shows that as of December 2021, incumbent Sisolak received $122,060, while Lombardo took over $42,000 from the local South Asian community. Most of the donations reflect the community is betting on the reelection of Governor Sisolak.  Some of the same familiar Indian Americans from the past elections donated to both campaigns. In 2021, the most significant donation came from Dr. Prabhu through his multiple business entities, contributing a total of $15,000 to Sisolak. Other big donors with $10,000 each to Governor Sisolak, are Anamika and Vikas Jain, Aurangzeb Nagy, Balbir Ghosal, Chowdhury Ahsan, Elahe Naqvi, Gnani Billakanti, Lakhvir Sodhi, and Ranadev Mukherjee. Other donors with $5,000 contributions to Sisolak included Galaxy Motel (Amratbhai Patel & Arun Gupta), Khan Shahbuddin, and Las Vegas Neurology Center (Paul Janda). Only one donation of $5,000 to Joe Lombardo came from the Nevada Heart & Vascular (multiple Indian-American partners).

In 2022, the first three quarters ending September 30th, 2022, Sisolak raised over $109,000 from the local South Asian community, while Lombardo raked in close to $80,000. Additionally, Sisolak raised over $14,000 in donations from Indian Americans across the United States. Lombardo’s big supporters and donors, with $10,000 each in contributions, include Allegiant Institute’s Dr. Jaswinder Grover, Dr. Nafees Nagy, Litigations Services (Ali Rizvi), and Paul Padda Law. During the current year, the most noteworthy donors with a donation of $10,000 each to the Sisolak campaign are Amratbhai Patel, Jaldeep Daulat, Litigation Services (Ali Rizvi), Paul Janda, and Pakistan American Nevadans Political Action Committee (Dr. Ikram Khan).  

Using multiple business entities, the most significant donor is Abdus Asif, who donated $18,800 to Governor Sisolak’s campaign. Interestingly, Litigation Services (Ali Rizvi) contributed $10,000 each to both Sisolak and Lombardo. Conversely, Akshay Verma contributed $1 to Sisolak’s reelection attempt.


205 Volunteer LLC – Abdus Asif              9,900  Steve Sisolak 
Acre- St. Rose – Abdus Asif              9,900  Steve Sisolak 
Akshay Verma                      1  Steve Sisolak 
Alena Olevic-Majid                  100  Steve Sisolak 
Alka Kalla              2,500 Joe Lombardo
Allegiant Institute – Jaswinder Grover            10,000  Joe Lombardo 
Amandeep Bath              1,000 Joe Lombardo
Amaratbhai Patel            10,000  Steve Sisolak 
Amir Z. Qureshi, MD LTD                  500  Steve Sisolak 
AP Chaudhari Consulting PLLC                  150  Joe Lombardo 
Arshi Quadeer                  500  Steve Sisolak 
Aurangzeb N. Nagy            10,000 Steve Sisolak
Aurangzeb Nagy, M.D. Ltd.              4,000  Steve Sisolak 
Aziz Bawany                      5  Steve Sisolak 
Bahader Grewal                  250 Joe Lombardo
Balbir Gosal            10,000 Steve Sisolak
Balbir Sodhi              1,000 Joe Lombardo
Best Urgent Care – Dr. Shazia Hamid              1,000  Steve Sisolak 
Bhupinder S. Bhatti              1,750 Steve Sisolak
Cardio Investor Gururaj PLLC              2,500 Joe Lombardo
Chowdhury Ahsan MD PC            10,000 Steve Sisolak
Chowdhury H. Ahsan              2,500  Steve Sisolak 
Chowdhury H. Ahsan              1,000 Steve Sisolak
CITI STOP – Rao Gondy              2,500  Steve Sisolak 
Deepak Sharma M.D., Ltd              2,500 Joe Lombardo
Digestive Associates LLP – Vish Sarma              1,000  Steve Sisolak 
Ejaz Kamboj, MD, Inc              2,000 Steve Sisolak
Elahe Naqvi            10,000 Steve Sisolak
Faisal Suba                  500  Steve Sisolak 
Faisal Suba              1,000 Steve Sisolak
Farmanali Family Trust              1,000 Steve Sisolak
Gautam Desai              2,500 Joe Lombardo
Gnani Billakanti            10,000 Steve Sisolak
Gurinderpal Khaira              2,500  Joe Lombardo 
Gurvinder Sandhu                  500 Joe Lombardo
Hanadi Nadeem                  250  Joe Lombardo 
Happy Adult Day Care – Rita Vaswani                  300  Steve Sisolak 
Harvinder Gill                  711  Steve Sisolak 
Hotel Galaxy – Amrat Patel/Arun Gupta              5,000 Steve Sisolak
HR Global Consulting LLC – Harry Singh                  300  Steve Sisolak 
Ikram Khan              2,500  Steve Sisolak 
Irfan Sohail                    10 Steve Sisolak
Jaldeep Daulat            10,000  Steve Sisolak 
Jasvir Deo                  500 Joe Lombardo
Kanwaljit Bhatti              1,750 Steve Sisolak
Karamjit Lubana              2,500 Joe Lombardo
Keralapura Subramanyam                  500  Steve Sisolak 
Khalid Ali                  100  Steve Sisolak 
Khalid H. Khan                  200 Joe Lombardo
Khan Shahabuddin              5,000 Joe Lombardo
Lakhvir Sodhi            10,000 Steve Sisolak
Las Vegas Neurology Center – Paul Janda              7,500  Joe Lombardo 
Las Vegas Neurology Center – Paul Janda              5,000  Steve Sisolak 
Las Vegas Neurology Center – Paul Janda              5,000 Steve Sisolak
Litigation Services, LLC – Ali Rizvi            10,000  Joe Lombardo 
Litigation Services, LLC – Ali Rizvi            10,000  Steve Sisolak 
Meena Vohra                  500  Steve Sisolak 
Mike Kailey                  500  Joe Lombardo 
Milestone Construction Inc. – Raj Dhaliwal                  500  Joe Lombardo 
Mohamed Jessa                  500 Joe Lombardo
Mohammad Nafees Nagy              2,900  Joe Lombardo 
Mohammad Nafees Nagy            10,000  Joe Lombardo 
Munawar Qurashi                  500  Steve Sisolak 
Nadeem Tariq Associates              2,000  Steve Sisolak 
Nadia Ahmed              1,500  Steve Sisolak 
Nafees Nagy              2,500  Steve Sisolak 
Nasim Dil                  100  Steve Sisolak 
Nevada Heart & Vascular, LLP – Multiple Partners              5,000 Joe Lombardo
Pakistani American Nevadans Political            10,000  Steve Sisolak 
Paras Rajput                  500  Steve Sisolak 
Paul Janda              5,000  Steve Sisolak 
Paul Padda              1,948  Joe Lombardo 
Paul Padda              5,000  Joe Lombardo 
Paul Padda Law PLLC            10,000  Joe Lombardo 
Pawan Agrawal                  100  Steve Sisolak 
Pranava Moody                  200  Steve Sisolak 
Prem Kittusamy              2,000 Steve Sisolak
Priya Ahlawat                  250  Steve Sisolak 
Qazi Medical Solutions PLLC – Fozia Rizwan Qazi                  500  Steve Sisolak 
R.D. Prabhu-Lata Shete MD LTD            10,000 Steve Sisolak
Rachakonda D. Prabhu              1,000  Steve Sisolak 
Radha Chanderraj                  500  Joe Lombardo 
Radha Chanderraj                  500 Joe Lombardo
Rajat Sood              3,000 Joe Lombardo
Ralph Richards                  500 Joe Lombardo
RAM K. SINGH              1,000  Steve Sisolak 
Ram K. Singh              1,500  Steve Sisolak 
Ram Singh              1,000  Joe Lombardo 
Ram Singh                  500 Joe Lombardo
Ramesh Gokal                      4 Joe Lombardo
Ranadev Mukherjee            10,000 Steve Sisolak
Rancho Trading LLC, dba Jones Feed & Tack                  500 Joe Lombardo
Rancho Trading LLC, dba Jones Feed & Tack – Davender Chadha              5,000  Joe Lombardo 
Red Rock Square LLC – R.D. Prabhu              5,000 Steve Sisolak
Rukshana Hussain                  500 Joe Lombardo
Sajan Financial LLC – Shamim Nagy              5,000 Steve Sisolak
Samir Pancholi              5,000  Steve Sisolak 
Sanjay Malhotra                  500  Steve Sisolak 
Sanjay Malhotra Prof Corp              2,500 Joe Lombardo
Sanyasi Suvvari                  500 Steve Sisolak
Sarbdeep Singh                  101 Joe Lombardo
Satish Pullammanappallil                  255  Steve Sisolak 
Shahabuddin Khan MD LTD           5,000  Joe Lombardo 
Shahabuddin Khan MD LTD              2,500 Joe Lombardo
Shamim N. Nagy              1,000  Steve Sisolak 
Sharlin Ahmed           5,000  Joe Lombardo 
Shazia Kirmani-Pasha                  500  Steve Sisolak 
Sid Gajjar                  250 Joe Lombardo
Silver State Adult Day Care LLC – Zahid Hamid              1,000  Steve Sisolak 
Smoke Shop & Cigars                  500 Joe Lombardo
Sohail U Anjum                  500  Steve Sisolak 
Stateside Express – Gurjeet Sekhon                  500  Joe Lombardo 
Suraj Verma                  250  Steve Sisolak 
Tanveer Akbar              1,000  Steve Sisolak 
The Vegas Lawyers by Paul Padda Law, PLLC              2,500 Joe Lombardo
Umakanthan Cardiology Group, PLLC              2,500 Joe Lombardo
Venkat Veerappan                  500  Joe Lombardo 
Vikas & Anamika & Vikas Jain            10,000 Steve Sisolak
Vinod Singh           1,000  Joe Lombardo 
Vinodkumar Gadley                    10  Steve Sisolak 
Vinodkumar Gadley                    10  Steve Sisolak 
vinodkumar Gadley                    50 Steve Sisolak
Vishvinder Sharma              1,000 Steve Sisolak
Zahir Rahman                  500  Steve Sisolak 

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