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NV State Board of Medical Examiners Investigative Committee Files Complaints Against Multiple Physicians

During the first quarter ending March 31st, 2021, the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners’ Investigative Committee issued a formal complaint against the following Physicians.  After the investigations, the committee strongly believes that the Physicians named below violated provisions of the Medical Practice Act as laid out in Nevada Revised Statues and provisions of Nevada Administrative Code Chapter 630.

Yogesh Patel, M.D(Surgeon) – Failure to Maintain Proper Medical Records.  

It is alleged that Dr. Patel failed to maintain timely medical records related to the diagnosis and treatment of a patient.  

Sajjad Ejaz Kamboj, M.D. (Cardiologist) – Failure to Maintain Proper Medical Records; False Advertising;  and Failure to Comply with Board Order.  

After reviewing over 2400 pages of patient records by the investigative committee, the committee discovered that an extensive amount of cloning of prior records occurred without further analysis or treatment for years.  Dr. Kamboj failed to maintain complete medical records relating to the diagnosis, treatment and care of a Patient “A” as he used cloned phrases and, documented contradictory and mutually exclusive remarks.  Patient “A’s” medical record indicates that he was experiencing chest pain for four years without any acknowledgment, explanation, assessment, or treatment by Dr. Kamboj.  In yet another case, the patient’s medical records were not timely, legible, accurate, and complete as Dr. Kamboj did not document anything regarding this patent visit.

Dr. Kamboj is also charged with false advertising as he violated the statute by allowing expired and misleading certifications for providing medical care.

Mohammad A. Syed, M.D. (Geriatrics/Internal Medicine) – Terminating the Medical Care of a Patient Without Making Other Arrangements for the Continued Care of the Patient; Failure to Maintain Proper Medical Records.

As per the charges, Dr. Syed discharged Patient “A” from Sunrise Hospital and sent her to Las Vegas Post-Acute and Rehabilitation, a skilled nursing facility.  The discharge records did not adequately capture the other hospital consultant assessments, diagnostics, treatment, and quality of continuation of care upon transferring the patient to a rehab facility.

Settlement Agreement…

Anjmun Sharma, M.D. (Family Medicine) – In another news, the Board accepted and approved a settlement agreement with Dr. Anjmun Sharma.  As per the settlement terms, Dr. Sharma will receive a public reprimand and reimburse the Board’s fees and costs incurred in the investigation and prosecution of the case against him.  In 2018, Dr. Sharma was disciplined by the Colorado Medical Board for engaging in communications of a sexual nature with a Patient.  As per the Nevada Revised Statute, any disciplinary action in other State constitute grounds for initiating disciplinary action in Nevada.

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