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Retired Las Vegas Banker Gopal Ramanan Publishes Radha’s Revenge

Longtime Las Vegas resident Gopal Ramanan is pleased to announce the publication of his book Radha’s Revenge & Other Stories.

The newly published book is a collection of stories from Gopal’s real-life experiences impacting the society. Some of the stories in the book focus on children in India trying to advance their own future, the future of their families and how they try to overcome the vicious circle of poverty. The story on Shoeshine Boy was based on an article Gopal read on the life of young poor boys in Delhi who took shoe shining as a profession.  Another chapter focuses on workplace sexual harassment.  Other stories reflect Gopal’s personal approach towards thoughtfulness, kindness and the impact of society’s attitude on greed and selfishness.

“My dear wife Vidya passed away two and a half years ago. I loved her very much, and I was in immense grief.  After six months or so after her passing, I decided to finally pick up the pen and get around to writing some of the story ideas that I had discussed with her when she was alive.”, said Gopal.

Author Gopal Ramanan was born and raised in India and has lived in the United States for over forty years.  He holds an MBA from the University of Maryland and spent a career in banking.  He is an avid reader with a long-standing interest in writing fiction. He is currently retired and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

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