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Shockingly Low Turnout at the Asian Americans for Biden for President

As Nevada Democratic caucus is getting closer, the Vice President’s Joe Biden for President national campaign in Las Vegas announced the formation of Asian American & Pacific Islanders for Joe Biden with diverse members from various Asian communities. 

The first event organized by the group failed miserably in attracting the Democratic members from the growing South Asian Community.  The guest speaker for the evening event was VP Biden’s surrogate Indian-American Congressman Ami Bera. 

With Congressman Bera as a speaker, the organizers were expecting 100 attendees for an Indian dinner in support of VP Joe Biden.  Congressman Bera talked about his own campaign for the Congress.  Congressman succinctly mentioned on why he is supporting Vice President Biden.  “He (VP Biden) had the deep relations with the Congress during his tenure as VP, he understands the process, understand how to legislate with 36 years of experience in the Senate and knows how to get things done,” said Congressman Bera.

When this publication asked about his own campaign’s money laundering charges, Congressman Bera talked about his father who was sentenced to prison on charges related to money laundering.  However, he clarified that he was not aware or involved in his fathers’ activities on the campaign.  

“The awfully low turnout of fewer than 30 attendees from South Asian community and 5 from other Asian communities won’t go well with the campaign,” said one attendee.  Among South Asian attendees, only 15 were Democrats while others were Republicans or Non-Partisan along with some non-voters.  

The group seems to lack credibility among the South Asian Democratic voters as it is headed by an ethically challenged Non-Democrat Ashok Mirchandani(1).  Some of the other group members include non-Democrats and individuals with questionable past who are not registered and/or eligible to vote in the upcoming Democratic caucus. The campaign got duped by the leader and the members of the newly formed Asian American for Biden.  The local Biden campaign operatives failed to do background checks of their Asian American team.  This is a good example of political illiteracy among the organizers, AAPI for Joe Biden.

The community was probably leery of the event organizers and the members of the group.  Some of the group members, Ash Mirchandani (2)Sanje SaderaPrymus Vaz may have had previous ethical and legal issues which probably resulted in low attendance with no enthusiasm for their candidate.

On another note, Divya Narala, NV Political Director of Biden for President, worked as Outreach Coordinator from September 2017 through April 2018, for Ashok Mirchandani’s non-profit organization.

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3 Comments to Shockingly Low Turnout at the Asian Americans for Biden for President

  1. PRADIP BHATT says:

    Your Article: SHOCKINGLY LOW TURNOUT AT THE ASIAN AMERICANS FOR BIDEN FOR PRESIDENT! In that Article I saw “An ethically challenged Non-Democrat Ashok Mirchandani(1)” ….. I clicked on his name and saw Ethics Violation Procedure Long 40+ Page Document when he was Deputy Director of Business and Industry. Very shocking to me! He is supposedly LOBBYIST in Carson City.

    • admin says:

      Pradip. re. your above comment on Mr. Mirchandani – very shocking to me! you have known Mr. Mirchandani for many years, so why the shock now. Anyone can be a LOBBYIST by paying $100 and represent someone. No big deal. Mr. Mirchandani represents companies he owns or has a financial interest along with a Red Rock Medical which is owned by his sidekick Dr. R.D. Prabhu. Click and paste the links below on your browser…

      As a lobbyist, Mr. Mirchandani showed an expense of $6,500 in 2019 and $7,000 in 2017 on Bollywood Night…yes lobbying expenditure on BOLLYWOOD NIGHT??

  2. John Wickett says:

    Your attacks on Mr Mirchandani are completely unwarranted and without merit. I am the attorney who represented Mr Mirchandani in the aforementioned ethics case.

    I hope your readers will all take the time to review the decision in that case. If they do, they will see that each and every allegation in the ethics complaint was thoroughly refuted using extensive documentary evidence.

    Because of that the Ethics Commission determined the complaint was politically motivated, and there was NO VIOLATION by Mr Mirchandani.

    A stipulation by the commission that an accused party committed no violation whatsoever (even unintentional violations) is extremely rare, and is strong evidence that Mr Mirchandani did nothing wrong.

    The truth is that federal audits of NAHAC prior to Mr Mirchandani’s involvement found numerous violations and organizational deficiencies that nearly resulted in millions of dollars of funding allocated to Nevada to assist homeowners with distressed mortgages being revoked by the federal government. Mr Mirchandani was appointed to NAHAC’s board to clean up the mess and prevent that from happening.

    Two subsequent audits showed that during Mr Mirchandani’s tenure, most of the problems were solved, and NAHAC was well on its way towards accomplishing its intended purpose (unfortunately many problems resurfaced AFTER Mr Mirchandani left the organization, which is all a matter of public record; anyone who is willing to read the hundreds of pages of documents that are available concerning NAHAC will clearly see their problems had nothing to do with Ash).

    During the course of my representation of Mr Mirchandani, we became close personal friends, and subsequently entered some business ventures together in the construction industry. I can say without reservation that in all of our dealings he has always been completely ethical.

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