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Six New Hindi CDs Published in Las Vegas. Proceeds to Help Kerala Flood Victims.

East West Music of Las Vegas and its Chief Executive Officer, Alex Mapleton, a long time resident of Las Vegas has completed making six new audio CDs. Older community members of Las Vegas will remember the weekly radio program SUNGEETH he regularly hosted for over two years.

The making of these songs really is a product of a labor of love; they are the result of many years of research and work by a band of some dedicated and very talented musicians and a gifted poet. The songs were recorded in studios both in India and Las Vegas with state of the art setups.

About one-fifth of the songs included (solos & duets) are truly ORIGINAL and the rest everyone’s favorite ‘oldies’ and modern popular melodies. All were musically embellished employing modern technology; some were rejuvenated with new ‘alaaps’ and ‘swaras’. Lyrics were extended in a few songs with great care so as to match the poetic imaginations of the original legendary lyricists. Singers include ever sweet Vani Jairam and many of the popular youngsters of today.

Brief descriptions and titles of CDs follow:

  1. CHHALKI CHANDNI: A group of ELEVEN love songs—all happy and uplifting including THREE ORIGINALS. They aptly portray the romantic mood of the moonlit nights. Hear the nostalgic “Tu Mera Chand” (DILLAGI” of 1949), “Tu Jo Nahin Hai Toh” (Savera/Woh Lamhe) and “Sharab Cheez Hi” (PAIMANA) in their new lives.
  2. MEMORABLE MODERN HINDI MELODIES: TWELVE popular songs of this decade from “Befikre” to “Ashique 2 and from “Body Guard to “Garam Masala” –all redefined.
  3. HOMAGE: MOHAMMED RAFI: A Musical Memorial 33 songs in two Volumes /discs. These are immortal songs covering over five decades of Rafi Saheb’s contributions to Bollywood’s music. His classics from AAN(1952) to his very last ghazal “Jis Raat Ke Khwab Aaye” from HUBBA KHATOON (1980) and from “Yeh Zindagi Ke Mele” (MELA of 1948) to “Yeh Hai Bombai Meri Jaan (C I D of 1956). A very special song written as a tribute to him upon his passing and presented at a memorial concert staged in his honor on April 11, 1981, in Detroit is also included.
  4. AGELESS HINDI MELODIES Again, a collection of 33 songs spread between two volumes/discs; truly ‘old wine in new bottle’. They include (Mata) Noor Jehan’s 1946 signature song “Aaja Meri Barbad Mohobbat” from ANMOL GHADI to Amirbai’s 1943 famous bhajan “Ab Tere Siva” from KISMET; from Mukesh’s “Aansoo Bhari”, Manna Dey’s “Tu Pyaar Ka Sagar Hai”, Kishore Kumar’s “Maana Janab” to Hemant Kumar’s “Tumhen Yaad Hoga”, Chitalkar’s “Kitna Hasih Hai Mausam” Mohd. Rafi & Noor Jehan’s “Yehan Badla” (Jugnu of 1945) and a whole lot more nostalgic numbers from Bollywood’s ‘Golden Era’. Two of Alex Mapleton’s earlier publications are, ”Raat Taaron Ki” (Popular songs) and Anjaly (Devotional). Arrangements are being made with local grocery stores for the sale of these CDs. You may call 702-227-8787 to place your orders.

The CD covers are on display on Alex Mapleton’s Facebook and/or YouTube: Alexander Mapleton to hear his earlier songs and to know more.  For further information, please contact Alex at  CDs are available at Gopal’s India Market & Cafe, 1435 E. Tropicana Ave., Las Vegas, NV.


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