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Ajay Dayal Stripped of Real Estate License. Fined Over $28,000

Nevada Real Estate Commission has revoked Ajay Dayal’s real estate license. The Commission has also fined him $28,000.

Dayal was charged with 17 violations of the law. They included theft, incompetency, dishonesty, fraud, deceit, conversion of funds, illegal advertising, impeding investigations, offering commissions to unlicensed persons, and carelessness in using boilerplate contracts.

Dayal’s Broker, Philbert Wilson, was also fined $1,000 for not properly supervising Dayal. Wilson asserted that Dayal committed his misdoings behind Wilson’s back.

Ajay Dayal

Dayal has suffered a host of legal woes. He was evicted from a house that he was alleged to be scamming. Dayal’s Quantified Investment Group business was evicted from its office location building. Mr. Gaurang Patel of India Market is suing him for improperly taking over $100,000 for a business transaction he never consummated. The case is currently under appeal. Eric Kohli is suing him for non-payment of wages. Four females brought a Jane Doe lawsuit against him, alleging that he lured them to his office under pretenses and then sexually assaulted them.

Dayal’s attorney (Brandon Phillips) has withdrawn from representing Dayal in all matters. Dayal wrote a letter to one court stating he would act as his company’s lawyer. The court immediately denied his request, strongly chastising him for improper communications with the court and for failing to obey the court’s orders to appear in court.

Below are the official complaints the Nevada Real Estate Commission filed against Ajay Dayal.

Complaint 1 Complaint 2 Complaint 3

The above article is submitted by a reader and edited for brevity and relevance from the original submission. 

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3 Comments to Ajay Dayal Stripped of Real Estate License. Fined Over $28,000

  1. Robert McDuff says:

    This guy Ajay Dayal is a total con man. Owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to victims and former associates. He deserves to lose his license. Good riddance!

  2. Want the world to know says:

    Ajay is a bad person. Aside from the complaints filed by the DRE he has been accused of sexual assault by 4 young women who he enticed into his office while they were contestants in a local beauty pageant.
    Additionally he stole sports, entertainment, and artwork from an elderly man who was enticed to rent space in the Quantified offices and subsequently locked out.
    On the mortgage side he retains that license although he has defrauded multiple people, and forged many documents as well as cheated agents out of their commission. Why does he still have this license?
    Stay away from this dishonest man who of course has the 10 Commandments hanging on the wall in his office! He’s broken many of them, hope his goal is t to break all 10!

  3. Wants the world world to know says:

    Ajay is still actively trying to represent clients in real estate and business transactions and receive a commission without a license. Stay Clear-

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