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Las Vegas Resident Vivek Charged with Conspiracy to Distribute Drugs

Longtime Las Vegas resident Vivek (last name withheld), is charged by the federal authorities with a conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance.  The fed is charging Vivek with knowingly conspiring to distribute 50 or more of actual methamphetamine and a mixture of substance containing a detectable amount of cocaine.

The charges are derived from FBI’s Special Agent, who is assigned to Safe Streets Gang Task Force, observations and consensual recording of phone conversations with Vivek’s cellular phone.  In August of 2018, the FBI Safe Streets Gang Task Force and the Las Vegas Metro initiated an investigation into Vivek, based on information by a prominent distributor of narcotics throughout the city of Las Vegas.

In August 2018 FBI confidential human source made contact with Vivek for the purchase of MDMA for five hundred dollars. MDMA also known as molly and ecstasy is a popular night club drug in the local Vegas club scene.

Vivek told the confidential human source that he is not home and doesn’t have the exact style of pills of MDMA, however, if the undercover waits then he will have to go home to retrieve the exact pills.  Later Vivek told the confidential human source that he had blues, otherwise known as European MDMA.

The confidential source met Vivek, got into the right front passenger side of Vivek’s car to purchase 16.2 grams of MDMA and 4.2 grams of cocaine for $500.  The whole transaction was observed by the FBI agents and Gang Task Force surveillance teams.

Later in August 2018, the same confidential human source contacted Vivek again for the purpose of ordering $1,200 of methamphetamine.  Prior to the buy, the confidential source informed the authorities that Vivek had arranged a buy with new suppliers from Mexico to purchase eight pounds of MDMA.  The undercover asked Vivek if he could buy a large quantity of MDMA from the Mexicans. Vivek said yes, but not the same night as he did not want to spook the dealers.  The informant then gave Vivek $1,200 in exchange for over 280 grams of methamphetamine. The transaction was observed by FBI Agents and Gang Task Force surveillance teams.

In September 2018, Vivek approached the undercover informant about helping him move large quantities of MDMA. As usual the transaction occurred and was observed by FBI Agents and the Gang Task Force.

In March 2019, Vivek was seen leaving his residence in his blue color car and drove directly to the Bellagio Hotel.  Vivek pulled his car up to the curb and a white female adult entered the front right passenger side of his car.  Vivek drove his car forward approximately 100 feet then stopped, and the female exited the vehicle.  The female was stopped by the Gang Task Force officers where she admitted to purchasing drugs from Vivek.

Finally, on March 25ththe Gang Task Officers stopped Vivek at the intersection of Oakey and Silver Birch Lane where officers executed a search warrant on Vivek’s vehicle. The officers recovered ten thousand three hundred eight five dollars ($10,385) and three cell phones. Later the agents executed a search warrant on Vivek’s residence.  During the search Vivek led agents to a stash of drugs located in his master bedroom.  The team recovered over 160 grams of cocaine, 47.5 grams of methamphetamine, 167 grams of MDMA, 9mm pistol, box of ammunition and thirty four thousand five hundred seventy one dollars ($34,571).

Vivek was interviewed at an FBI covert off site location where he admitted to selling and dealing drugs and was immediately placed under arrest for conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance.

As per the conditions of release, defendent Vivek has to surrender his passport, is restricted to travel only within Clark County, shall refrain from possessing a firearm,  and shall not secure employement in driving service companies including Uber and Lyft.   Vivek’s extended family is a long time resident of Las Vegas.

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