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Nevada Board of Medical Examiners Investigates Rajeev Khamamkar, M.D. for Billing Fraud and Falsifying Medical Records

The Investigative Committee of the Nevada Board of Medical Examiners has filed a formal complaint against Dr. Rajeev Sharad Khamamkar, M.D. alleging violation of Nevada Revised Statutes as stated in the Nevada Medical Practice Act.  Khamamkar is charged on four counts – one count of charging for services not rendered; one count of falsifying medical records; one count of violating the trust of a patient for financial gain, and one count of medical malpractice.

In September 2018, a patient was admitted to the Sunset Ridge Surgery Center for a procedure where the patient did not consent to receive anesthesia.  As per the complaint, the patient’s refusal to take anesthesia was acknowledged by Dr. Khamamkar.  It is alleged that Dr. Khamamkar billed the patient for monitored anesthesia care without providing any services to the patient.

Rajeev Khamamkar, M.D.

As per the investigation, the patient did not have any severe systemic disease.  It is alleged that Dr. Khamamkar falsified medical records to multiple diagnoses or the conditions the patient did not have in an attempt to fraudulently qualify a patient for anesthesia service for purposes of insurance reimbursement.

Count 1 alleges Khamamkar charged the patient for the anesthesia services that he did not render. On the second count, it is alleged Khamamkar falsified patient records, falsely stating that patient had a history of obstructive sleep apnea along with other diseases. On the third count, Khamamkar is alleged to violate the trust placed on him by the patient by billing and charging the patient’s insurance for the services which were not provided and medically necessary.  On count four, Khamamkar is charged with committing malpractice when he failed to use the reasonable care, skill, or knowledge ordinarily used under the circumstances when rendering medical services to the said patient.

Dr. Khamamkar, a Trustee of the Hindu and Jain Temple of Las Vegas, was originally licensed to practice medicine in April 1998.  As per the Nevada Revised Statute, charging for medical services which were not rendered is grounds for disciplinary action or denying licensure to practice in Nevada.

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One Comment to Nevada Board of Medical Examiners Investigates Rajeev Khamamkar, M.D. for Billing Fraud and Falsifying Medical Records

  1. Desiameri says:

    Another doctor and a trustee of our temple engaged in unethical and illegal activities! How do cheaters and crooks end up near God? What is wrong with our culture?

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