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Primary Election 2022 – Five South Asian-Americans Contesting for Elected Political Offices

Election 2022 campaign season has officially started with the closing of the candidate filing period on Friday, the 18th of March.  Voters will have a choice of over 300 candidates vying for diverse judicial and non-judicial elected offices. Five members of the growing South Asian-American candidates have filed for Assembly, Congress, and Board of Regent seats.  The local members of our community who are running for the 2022 election are Reuben D’Silva, Sayed Zaidi, and Aury Nagy M.D., while Sam Kumar, & Rahul Joshi are running from Northern Nevada.

Mumbai-born Reuben D’Silva, an ardent Democrat known in the Democratic circle for his political activism is running for an open seat from Assembly District 28. D’Silva is a long-time community educator, leader, and organizer who is well versed with the issues impacting the local community.  He is also a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who received the Purple Heart in the Iraq War. The incumbent who is running for the Nevada State Senate has endorsed D’Silva. The open seat with Democratic majority voters has attracted four Democrats and one Republican.

Sayed Zaidi

Small businessman Sayed Zaidi has filed his candidacy for the Assembly District 42.  In 2020 Zaidi ran for the same position as an Independent, however, this election year he is running as a Democrat against a Democrat incumbent. The Democratic district has two Democrats and two Republican candidates in the race. 

Aury Nagy, M.D.

Las Vegas native Neurosurgeon Aury Nagy, M.D. of Nevada Brain and Spine Care has thrown his hat in the ring for an open non-partisan Board of Regent seat from District 7.  Currently, Dr. Nagy serves as the Vice President of the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners.  Dr. Nagy is a graduate of Bishop Gorman High School, Yale University, and Baylor College of Medicine. Candidates who filed for non-partition District 7 Regent include four Democrats and one Republican.

Sam Kumar

Former Washoe County Republican Party Chair and a conservative author Sam Kumar is running for an open Assembly District 25 seat.  Kumar, a proven conservative, has written extensively on political, economic, and social issues.  As per his website, Kumar strongly believes that conservative ideals are the best path forward for this country.  Kumar’s writing has outlined his conservative philosophy and the ways how to spread that conservative economic thinking around the world.  

Rahul Joshi

Democrat Rahul Joshi, a high school teacher from Reno is vying for a position as your next Congressman from the Congressional District 2. Joshi’s agenda as per his website includes guaranteed health care, regardless of employment status. Joshi has personally experienced the crushing debt of medical bills and the effects it can have on a family– how the outrageously high premiums wreak havoc on an already stretched budget. Joshi strongly believes in Medicare for all and giving families the necessary peace of mind that they will not be bankrupted by a single medical emergency. Joshi is promising to help build a more equitable society by establishing a $15/hour minimum wage. Joshi’s main political platform will be to guarantee all workers with paid family and medical leave, as well as adequate sick leave.

Starting this election year, State of Nevada will have all-mail ballot elections.  All registered active voters will be sent a mail ballot whether or not they requested on unless they chose to opt-out. As per the new regulations, mail ballots must be ready for distribution to in-state voters no later than 20 days before Election Day, Tuesday, June 14th, 2022.


Primary early voting starts Saturday, May 28th through Friday, June 10th, 2022.  All early voting sites across the County are also the mail ballot drop-off locations. ELECTION DAY – Tuesday, June 14th, 2022

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